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Photo report on Field Target Training-Zeroing Session
Serra da Carregueira, Belas, Sintra, Portugal
September 20th 2008

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   PICT5979-EDPM.jpg (117712 bytes) PICT5987-EDPM.jpg (124083 bytes) PICT5973-EDPM.jpg (161702 bytes)

André Almeida, Field Target shooter from Clube Português de Tiro Prático e Precisão (CPTPP), using a Air Arms Ev2 Mk.II with Nikko Stirling Diamond 10-50x60mm MD scope (the new 2008 model series with the green turrets). Photos by Pedro Mateus.

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Reference and Documentation

World Field Target Federation
FT World Match, 2008,
Northern Ireland

>> Scores, Photos, Video

>> Rev.ª "Armas & Munições"
Artigos por P. Mateus

Portuguese Language Only
Artigos sobre Field Target, equipamento, etc

>> Power Level Report on
Air-Arms EV2 MK. II
Technical data and report on energy
and speed levels. Charts and data

>> Power Level Report on
AA S410 and S310

Technical data and report on energy
and speed levels. Charts and data

>> Fall flat FT Targets
independent tests

NockOver (UK) and Gamo (ES) test for false positive and negative

>> BFTA Field Target Manuals
Official British Field Target Association
Manuals for FT setup and tech skills

>> IPFTA - Pistol Field Target
Photos and official ref- and documentation
International Pistol Field Target Association

>> Indoor Field Target "Concept"
A concept for a indoor Field Target field
Diagrams and artist impression model

>> WFTF "Core" Rules
International FT "core rules" from the WFTF
Approved February 22, 2007


Photo report on
National FT Match, Sintra, Portugal,
July 20th 2008

Match has held on July 20th 2008, by CPTPP under FPT rules and regulations, with 28 shooters representing 9 different Clubs. Match director was Joaquim Sotomayor with Pedro Mateus and Rui Vilhena as delegates.

Match was held at a elite military facility, "Centro de Tropas Comando", near Sintra, Lisbon, Portugal.

30 targets were distributed across the pine and shrub woods, from 10 to 50 meters distances, using dead trees laying on the ground and terrain levels to mimic real hunting scenarios and enhance match challenge level.

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Field photo report on Air-Arms Ev2 MK II

DSC_1884.JPG (298774 bytes)
Photo report with +25 high-resolution and close up details on the new 2006-2007 Air-Arms model EV2 MK.II, a UK made field target match grade rifle. Close up details on adjustable stock, windicator, water bubble anti-canting level, muzzle break, pellet loading. Details on mounts and side wheel (factory default and custom made option) for a Nikko Stirling Diamond 10-50x60mm scope. Please click here >>

Documentation, Airgunning Library

airguns-eldongwolff.jpg (72227 bytes)
Airgun related library listing, with detailed indexed tabled containing title, author, publisher, year, number of pages, ISBN and original cover photo. Books covering equipment, technique, hunting, field target, history. Collectables, limited editions, first editions et al. Full list covering 23 titles all with original cover photo included in hi-resolution photo. Contains details for classics as Beeman's "Blue Book of Airguns", Darling's "The Hunters Handbook" or Cardews's "The Airgun from Trigger to Target". Please click here >>

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Special Highlight, 2008.08.31
World Field Target Federation
World Match, 2008, Northern Ireland

 Match Scores. Source: BFTA

>> WFTF 2008 Northern Ireland World Match Scores

 Match Scores. Source: NIFTA (unofficial)

   wftf2008-score-01.jpg (791558 bytes) wftf2008-score-02.jpg (908987 bytes) wftf2008-score-03.jpg (255367 bytes)

 Unofficial (Amateur) Video, Zero-in Lane

 Unofficial Photo Album

Special Highlight, 2007.10.28

World Field Target Federation
World Match, 2007, USA

 Official Match Scores

 Official Match Course Layouts (stats)


 Report on "Armas & Munições" (Portuguese only)

   am-nov-dez-wftf-2007-01.jpg (528251 bytes) am-nov-dez-wftf-2007-02.jpg (638100 bytes)

   [  .PDF, aprox. 1.1 MB >>  ]

 Unofficial Photo Album

P h o t o  S e l e c t i o n

DSC_1447.JPG (224193 bytes)
View thru Leopold VX-II AO EFR 9x scope
mounted on HW95 Custom

DSC_0666.jpg (339689 bytes)
Air-Arms S310 scoped with
Bushnell Elite 4200 8-32x40mm

DSC_5053.JPG (181766 bytes)

Detail on Crow Nockover target

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